When A Realtors Help Is Unavoidable

When A Realtors Help Is Unavoidable

When A Realtors Help Is Unavoidable

When Are You Sure To Need A Realtor

Are you one of those homeowners planning to sell your current home? It is perfectly fine to be busy just like the time when that house was bought. That time might have been five years ago or thirty years. The house came with many features adding value to it even after decades.

Before that purchase, you may have looked into at least five dozen houses around the state. It was exciting to consider the possibility of finally owning a house, but at the same time, tiring too. It was a busy year back then. Now that the house will be on the market, it will be a busy year again.

The mountain of paperwork that was knowingly or unwittingly signed without reading all the details in it hoping that the agent would explain any doubts at a later time. And how that breath was held expecting the lender to approve the loan.

All those processes required to seek help from a reliable professional that was trustworthy. Now that the house is going to be sold, there are challenges too, but at a different level.

This time, there is certainly the need for a real estate agent just like the last time. Back then, you were trying to buy a home at the least price and ready to spend as much time as possible. Right now, being a homeowner who wants to sell a home at the highest price as quickly as possible puts you in the same situation.

Take another scenario of an experienced investor with more than a dozen properties, all in well-established areas. Should the investor sell on his own, since he has done the buying and selling numerous times through an agent and knows the ins and out of the process?

What about the tax advantages of buying or selling at the same time? What are the chances of attracting the right kind of buyers for the properties? Will agents expose those properties to a bigger market compared to doing it all by himself?

All these questions and doubts will naturally come to his mind. One thing is clear though. The advantages of buying or selling through agents are exponentially more than going solo in most markets. Simply because agents have an extensive network of other agents who know the demands that are not visible on the internet.

Agents know investors who are looking for a certain property closely matching what the sellers have. They know buyers and sellers personally and can keep in touch with investors instantly. Above all, they know the right kind of price sellers can expect from a certain property in a certain neighborhood because they have done similar transaction hundreds of times.

Wherever you are on the real estate game-board, whether the story is similar to the first scenario or second, choosing a knowledgeable agent is a must. These agents will tell exactly what needs to be done to buy or sell profitably. Of course, there are fees and commissions to these agents, and if you are lucky, you may get a huge discount with competitive pricing and multiple service requests.

We are not talking about a perfect market here. This is about a market where prices are uncertain, demand or supply is unclear and sellers are having a hard time finding more than a couple of bids. This is when a seller needs the help of a Realtor with expertise in home selling.

Remember that not all agents are experts in all aspects of real estate. Their experience ranges widely in knowledge, ability, and understanding how the market moves. Every region requires that they acquire relevant licenses before serving clients.

Many states also require thirty or more hours of study followed by exams. A large number of agents fail those exams. Those who pass, go on to become expert in their field and serve well in real estate communities.  If you are looking to buy or sell a home, meet with an experienced real estate agent, discuss your needs and wants, and find an agent you like to work with. 

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